Thursday, December 23, 2021

'The Matrix' resurrects itself in time for 12 days of Movie Christmas 2021

Visit here for the next three afternoons -- Dec. 23-25 -- and (hopefully) find a little something about a film currently playing in or close to surfacing at a theater (or streaming service) near you. We're calling it our "12 Days of Movie Christmas," and the holiday countdown continues right here right now.

Action speaks louder than words in "The Matrix Resurrections," a betwixt and between sequel that arrives 18 years after the spookily successful franchise's "Trilogy" ended.

Naturally, now pop culture icon Keanu Reeves returns as the mysteriously heroic Neo/Thomas Anderson and, if some viewers don't have a clue why he has two character names, they won't get much help from the dialogue offered the first time they hear Reeves speak here.

In fact, the actor sounds more like his persona in the "Bill and Ted" movies when, as master video-game designer Anderson, he quizzically spots some strange computer-code jibberish and responds with "What the . . . ?" 

We're off and running, though, seconds later, when he completes the thought with "What the hell?" I kid you not.

Regardless, the legitimate Hades of the film's many plot complications -- highlighted by way of visits to Anderson's pill-prescribing shrink (Neil Patrick Harris) and flashbacks to all three previous "Matrix" films -- do instigate Neo's return to a few kick-ass sequences that genuine franchise fanatics likely will leap through mirors to duplicate. 

A solid homecoming for Carrie-Anne Moss, as Trinity, and the presence of a few intense cast first-timers, led by Yayha Abdul-Mateen II and Jessica Henwick, generally keep things hopping, too.

 ("The Matrix Resurrections" is now playing in theaters and on HBO Max.)

Rated "R" by MPAA: Violence and some language; 2:37; $ $ and 1/2 out of $5

Coming tomorrow (Day 11 of Movie Christmas 2021) 

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