Saturday, December 18, 2021

'Mother/Android' crashes down into fifth day of Movie Christmas 2021

Visit here for each of the next eight afternoons -- Dec. 18-25 -- and (hopefully) find a little something about a film currently playing in or close to surfacing at a theater (or streaming service) near you for the holidays. We're calling it our "12 Days of Movie Christmas," and it continues here today, right now, with a guest critic, The Grinch. 

Smith and Moretz meet their parental fate head on.
Well, unlike most of the movies featured on this site the last four days, at least "Mother/Android" alludes to Christmas. In fact, it starts just before a Yuletide party. And, maybe as an unfortunate portent of things to come -- in a restroom! 

That's where the college-age Georgia (Chloe Grace Moretz) and committed and cool-with-it-all boyfriend Sam (Algee Smith) have been sitting on the floor (yech!) and discussing the results of three pregnancy tests, all of which say the young lady is indeed ripe with child. 

Speaking of bad omens, a couple of seconds with Moretz alone at a makeshift campfire actually introduces the sci-fi adventure. Then all hell really does break loose just a few minutes after Georgia and Sam open that bathroom door.

The rest just becomes what everyone might expect in a futuristic world where "robota" mostly only find work as butlers. The explanation of the word gets unveiled interestingly enough down the line, complete with a twist many should see coming a full apocalyptic scene or two before it becomes so readily apparent.  

Moretz, who enjoyed a little success as an action heroine in the much livelier "Shadow in the Cloud" early this year, even might find similar work again in a sequel, or so a destination mentioned during the last scene here suggests. So, good luck and happy holidays with that! 

("Mother/Android" is now streaming exclusively on Hulu.)

Rated "R" by MPAA: violence and language; 1:50; $ $ out of $5 

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