Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Beanies return with a new documentary for Movie Christmas 2021

Visit here for the next four afternoons -- Dec. 22-25 -- and (hopefully) find a little something about a film currently playing in or close to surfacing at a theater (or streaming service) near you. We're calling it our "12 Days of Movie Christmas," and the holiday countdown continues right here right now.

If you never heard about those hand-sized and mass-produced stuffed animals so many people went ga-ga for during the "frivolous" '90s, then "Beanie Mania," a new documentary seemingly filled with more connected talking heads than actual toys, might serve as an object lesson in greed.

The light and quick-watch way director Vermisi Brookes shows and tells it also might cause split feelings of nostalgia and bitterness for avid buyers, and that probably means just about the rest of the country taking at least a small shot at collecting for dollars.

"(The Beanie Babies craze) was bigger than Frank Sinatra, the Beatles and Elvis Presley combined," says one of the film's many expert quotemeisters.

Adds another, a profiteer who calls herself "Queenie Beanie": "I went more crazy for the money in my bank account than the actual toys." 

Surprisingly, with a few days of shopping left in 2021, Brookes' stuffed doc even might reveal how a few Babies could find a permanent home for Christmas.

("Beanie Mania" debuts Thursday, Dec. 23, only on HBO Max.)

Not rated by MPAA; 1:20; $ $ $ out of $5 

Coming tomorrow (Day 10 of Movie Christmas 2021) 

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