Monday, November 4, 2019

'Sunday Girl' mixes some bright colors, lonely moments for a look at now

She is definitely cute, but the "Sunday Girl" smokes, thinks eating ice cream is equally dangerous, has two of the kookiest gal pals you'll ever meet, and might be described as what we used to call a genuine floozy.

There's all that and more in the first-time feature from writer/director Peter Ambrosio, who offers his diverting take on relationships in 2019, with young adults -- male and female -- perhaps worrying more about what looks right on social media, etc. than real life itself.

This rom-com title "girl" (played convincingly enough by apparent podcast "star" Dasha Nekrasova) certainly does have some issues, though, especially since she's decided to break off four of her current five dalliances in the same day. Of course, the guys named Victor, Jack, Tom and Winston may not be the most stable dogs in the pound, either, but their reactions to a potential break-up with the lovely Natashsa offer up an assortment of comical situations.

If anyone cares, my favorite response belongs to Tom (Evan Holtzman), but you can make your own judgment about the boys or her. (I'd be anxious to know what anyone thinks of laidback dude George (Brandon Stacy), as well, since he's the only one left standing when the sun goes down on "Sunday." 

No MPAA rating; 1:20; $ $ $ out of $5

(This is one in an intermittent series of reviews featuring buzz-worthy films currently playing the festival circuit or soon to be released. The decidedly indie "Sunday Girl" will open for one-week runs Friday in New York and Los Angeles.)

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