Monday, April 1, 2019

'For Now,' this small, Kickstarter-funded film works for what it is

If you're trolling around the web late one night looking for a quick watch, "For Now" might fit the bill. It's a short road-trip flick that hits some swell notes, including a nifty soundtrack of unfamiliar, though catchy tunes.

The quartet taking the coastal trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco to drop one of them off for a tryout with the latter city's famous ballet is a mostly watchable bunch, too. Leading the way is Aussie sweetheart Hannah Barlow, who co-directs (with Kane Senes). Barlow also conceived the story she co-writes (with Senes and Katherine Du Bois), while adding an attractive on-screen presence that resembles a mix of the young Shelley Long and Zooey Deschanel.

If you don't agree, then you might prefer Du Bois, as her more kinetic than cute best friend, or even the lanky Senes, as her filmmaker boyfriend. Both, by the way, play the same roles in Barlow's real life.

So, that leaves her brother, Connor, as the only dancer in the group dramedy, described by Hannah during one scene as "my family holiday." And, apparently, it might be since the improv-leaning troupe shot it all in seven days after the inspiration of a film festival talk by indie golden boy Mark Duplass and $22,000 from a Kickstarter fund.

Their somewhat auto-biographical result scores as a vehicle for an untidy smattering of twentysomething struggles in life, love, career and connection.

Not rated, but there's sex, drugs and more new pop than rock 'n' roll; 1:20; $ $ $ out of $5

(This is one in an intermittent series of reviews featuring buzz-worthy films either currently playing the festival circuit or soon to be released. "For Now" already is streaming on Amazon Prime, iTunes, YouTube, DirecTV and a few cable-run VOD outlets.)

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