Wednesday, June 13, 2018

'Superfly' returns to the movie screen with just enough to get over

A couple of '70s icons, Fred Rogers of PBS-TV fame and the cool dude who helped cement blaxploitation into the American lexicon, respectively can boast a great documentary and a not-so-bad remake coming to your local cineplex this week.

The latter, opening today, is "Superfly," which stylishly and violently looks, feels and plays enough like the Gordon Parks Jr. original to make it a slight guilty pleasure. (Still, there can be only one Ron O'Neal, the classically trained Clevelander who portrayed the Harlem-based lead 46 years ago, not to mention just one music maker named Curtis Mayfield, whose memorably great score never will be repeated.)

Jackson shows Mitchell why he's the new "Superfly."
Mayfield's "Pusherman" does all but steal the now rap-heavy version as the ever-enthralling sound that accompanies a montage coldly exhibiting how an Atlanta drug empire has tentacles pulling in Miami, Nashville, Birmingham, Houston and all parts South. And, naturally, the helmer behind this new take would be someone called "Director X,"  whose claim to fame is an assortment of visually intriguing music videos featuring the single-name likes of Kanye, Usher, Rihanna, Drake, et al.

Certainly that "X"citing background serves a few well-orchestrated scenes of gang warfare and even an art deco opening in a nightclub that shows the pop and happenstance of one Youngblood Priest. As dramatized by the believably engaging Trevor Jackson, he's the smart street kid-turned kingpin now ready to make one last major score.

However, before Priest can leave the biz with cash to last a lifetime --  and maybe with a couple of sexy bed mates (Lex Scott Davis and Andrea Londo) in tow-- he has to deal with almost two hours of exaggerated mayhem, soft-core porn (mostly delivered in slow motion, no less) and cops so crooked you almost have to look at 'em sideways.

Fortunately, some other players, who may get in the way of Priest's dreams, actually give more cred to the whole picture. They include an old-school mentor (the always solid Michael Kenneth Williams), ruthless cartel boss (the veteran Esai Morales) and over-aggressive sidekick (Jason Mitchell from last year's "Mudbound").

Regardless, please return here in a few days to read why Mr. Rogers and "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" is this week's real movie kingpin.

Rated "R": violence and language throughout; strong sexuality, nudity and drug content; 1:52; $ $ $ out of $5

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Unknown said...

The original Super Fly is credited as being one of the original Blaxploitation movies along with Sweet Sweetback's Baadassssss Song and Shaft. All of which are considered essential movies in the genre.

This remake hits all the right notes and it updates it for today's audiences but it doesn't really bring anything new or noteworthy to the mix. It's stylish and honestly feels more like an extended music video in some parts. Now part of that could very well be because of the director and his background. But that's good for music videos and not for a feature length movie arrival putlockers .
. Especially edna. She specializes in desgining super suits for serious matters yet she is a babysitter. Excellent animation and great editing for five stars.

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