Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Amy Adams has a memorable scene for all the wrong reasons

LOS ANGELES -- It won't be giving away too much to mention that Lois Lane takes a bath -- kinda with Clark Kent -- in the new Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. After all, the movie's trailer briefly spilled the beans. Then, Amy Adams, the talented actress who has played the intrepid reporter/girlfriend since "Man of Steel," broke everyone up about it during a Friday press conference after someone asked cast members to name their most memorable sequence in the film.
Amy Adams relaxes in the arms of her man in "Superman v. Batman."
"I’m gonna go with the bathtub scene," Adams answered coyly while reporters, most of whom had seen the movie the night before, broke out in waves of laughter. 
"Hey, I’m just trying to lighten up the moment, but actually it was horrible for me," Adams continued. "I mean, here I was, trying to protect my modesty and unflattering bum while this demigod (Henry Cavill as Superman alter ego Kent) stood above me with his shirt off. 
"I had low self-esteem for two weeks after that. It's true; I really was like, ‘I’m hideous.’"
Certainly the lovely Adams has nothing to worry about, but she did come back to mention how much she legitimately enjoyed a much more quiet scene with Diane Lane, who reprises her role as Superman's stepmom, Martha Kent.
Lane, meanwhile, answered the original question by explaining that a certain screen moment she actually shared with Ben Affleck was the first scene filmed with the actor in full Batman mode.
"I'll never forget how fabulous Ben looked in all that regalia," she said.
On his end of the dais, Affleck thanked Lane for the kind words, as well as for her support in that early scene. "It was really nice to have Diane there -- a friendly face and a great actress -- to kind of comfort me," he said. "She looked at me as if to say, ‘It’s gonna be all right.’ I really appreciated that, Diane."  
Of course, ever the uh . . .  joker, Affleck also reminded everyone there how he first "discovered" the beauty of Lane in another movie, "Hollywoodland." Ironically, he starred in that one as "Superman" TV actor George Reeves, and Lane portrayed the married woman having an affair with him.
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