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Talking 'Spider-Man 2': Emma Stone cries, Andrew Garfield flies, and villains Jamie Foxx and Dane DeHaan rise

NEW YORK -- Working on the "Amazing Spider-Man" franchise seriously is a big deal. In fact, "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" plays so huge in every way that Emma Stone cried when she saw it. Really.
"Doing these movies has been enormous to me," explains Stone, who once more plays Gwen Stacy, love interest to Spider-Man/Peter Parker, during a brief Sunday morning interview. "It's been three-and-a-half years of my life. It's the longest I've ever worked on something creatively.
"Right now (talking about it), I'm still so in the thick of it that I think the hindsight is going to be more valuable. A year from now, I'll be able to tell you the ways it has changed and affected my life. I mean, it's meant so much to me. It's just been a hugely meaningful experience, and I cried the other night at the premiere."
In addition to Stone mentioning the strength of her character below, other members of the cast, including Spidey himself, Andrew Garfield, and villains played by Jamie Foxx and Dane DeHaan, talk about a few other things that turned them on about starring in what's bound to be summer's first certified blockbuster.

Once again, Spider-Man suits Andrew Garfield just fine
Andrew Garfield (Spider-Man/Peter Parker): "The way I see our Spider-Man is that we are part of a larger legacy. I celebrate what Tobey Maguire did (in previous movies); I celebrate what Avi Arad did with the cartoon series; I celebrate Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and all these other great artists and writers who have given different great incarnations of this character. All I hope to do is just be another part of that long and much greater legacy and be a part of the team, as opposed to comparing or competing.

"The amazing thing about Peter is that he has always been a working class hero and a genius. He is also sort of a subversive, underground revolutionary, even a Robin Hood in a way. I love that about him.

"The bond we show between Peter and (best friend) Harry Osborne becomes a great thing in this one, too. It's a very deep bond that is rooted in this wound they both share of having lost or of having been perceived to be abandoned in different ways by their parents, but predominately that lack of father. There's this very unsaid thing that, as soon as we see each other, it's 'Oh, my God, I know you and you know me.' "

Emma Stone portrays the brave and smart Gwen Stacy
Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy): "I love that Gwen Stacy is the very opposite of the damsel in distress. She's helped Peter so many times before, including in the first movie with the serum. She was raised by the chief of police (Denis Leary), so I think she has this heroic (nature) or the impulse to search for something greater than herself in the same way that Peter does. I think that's why she understands Peter and is so insanely frustrated about the fact that he won't just accept that she's OK with him being Spider-Man and that she doesn't need to be protected.
"In all honesty, the script was so beautifully handled throughout the film, but the visual effects were what literally blew me away. I saw it in IMAX 3-D and the ripples on (Spider-Man's) suit gave me motion sickness in the best way. I mean, I had positive, go-see-the-movie motion sickness."

Max Dillon (Jamie Foxx) comes face-to-face with his favorite superhero.
Jamie Foxx (Electro/Max): “You know what? Doing this (was a result of) fame fatigue.
What I mean by that is any time I get a chance to disappear into some type of character is great to do, because we (celebs) bombard people with our image every single day on  Twitter or Instagram. To be the first black man with a comb-over and to put the gap in the teeth and go back to sort of my 'In Living Color' days (on TV) can really show Max as sort of like broken and really reaching out. Even though the character is broad, he still has feelings and, when he sees Spider-Man, it does something to him. So, we understand that, when he does turn into Electro, he’s really hurting more than he is evil. He’s just let down as a fan.
“And I do understand the fanatic thing, too. I was in Philly shooting a movie, and I get a knock on my door on my condo, and there’s a guy there who says, ‘Hey Jamie, Beyonce told me to come check on you. Can I just come in?’ Eventually I had to slam the door and call security. We actually caught him, but I wanted to take a little bit of that sort of fanatic and put it into Max as well.”

Garfield, DeHaan as pals Peter and Harry
Dane DeHaan (The Green Goblin/Harry Osborn): "Jamie was covered head to toe in prosthetics, so he didn't have any pores on his body that were breathing. I've been through that and it becomes kind of a psychological dying. Then again, my suit was heavier. It weighed 50 pounds and it took an hour to get into. But look, it's funny, we always get asked how hard it is to be bad guys, you know, how much time it takes and all that stuff. But who cares? We get to be Electro, and we get to be The Green Goblin, and that's what's exciting. Even when Jamie was on set with all those prosthetics, he he was never complaining, and we were always just having a good time and doing our jobs. We all spent time on wires, and I spent time in the glider, but that stuff can be fun, too. The temperature on the set during my final fight with SpiderMan was 110 degrees, and they kept pouring buckets of ice water down  my suit between takes. By the time they called action, that water was either boiling or had turned to steam."
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