Friday, April 25, 2014

How 'Quiet One' Sam Claflin learned he was playing 'Games'

WEST HOLLYWOOD -- By now, just about every movie fan in the world knows that Sam Claflin, currently starring as one of "The Quiet Ones" (opening today), personifies muscular Finnick Odair in
"The Hunger Games" movies.
"Hunger Games" fixture Sam Claflin is now playing in "The Quiet Ones."  
However, where Claflin was when he got the news that he would be cast as the breakout character from "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" has been rarely revealed, until now.
John Pogue, director of "The Quiet Ones," explains:
"We were doing a 24-hour exteriors shoot on the last day of our schedule, and it was Sam, myself, a couple of crew members and our cinematographer in the middle of nowhere, just outside of London, about 2 in the morning," Pogue relates during a Monday afternoon chat at the Chateau Marmont Hotel.
"In the middle of it all, one of our ADs walks up and says, 'Excuse me, Mr. Pogue, there's an important call for Sam.'
"Well, of course, I told him we couldn't stop working, but then he explained what it was for, and I just said, 'Stop!' We knew that Sam had been in the running for a role in the second "Hunger Games" film and wanted to be as supportive as we could be.
"So, we stopped shooting, Sam was handed the phone, and right there on the steps of the house we used in our movie, just by the front door, he was told he got the role.
"Sam was obviously excited, and we took a break and opened some champagne and celebrated. He was just ecstatic, and I was so happy for him because he's just truly a nice, smart individual, who I also think is very talented and deserves whatever he's got coming.
"Then the sun came up and there, standing in front of us, was Finnick."
Claflin himself, who also was interviewed Monday (before we talked to Pogue), admitted earlier that he was spooked by his "Hunger Games" role, which he'll repeat in "Mockingjay -- Part 1" (to be released Nov. 21) and "Part 2" (November 2015).
"Finnick Odair is definitely the scariest character that I've ever approached," he said. "He was such a fan favorite when the novels came out, and the pressure of reading the description of him and knowing the pressure that I had on my shoulder from that was in itself quite scary. Then it was the first movie that I've done with an American accent, which also pressured me, and since I was also such a fan of the first movie, I was like, 'Oh, I've really got to step up my game to meet their expectations.'
"And then," Claflin went on, "you meet Jennifer Lawrence, who is such a nice girl but is so, so talented, and I needed to be so cool and pretend to have the kind of ability to switch off with her so you can have a joke and then have to be ready to go when it's 'Action!' because she's just so good at that switching on and off."
Whew! Claflin seemed to be getting nervous about it all over again right in front of us.
"Hey! It was just a real challenging experience, but it seems to have gone down OK," the pleasant 28-year-old Brit then concluded with the understatement of the year. "I remember reading a blog that had a list of all these actors that should be playing Finnick, and my name was not one in about 500,000 posts listed. Now, that was really scary!"
 Speaking of scary, Claflin's role in "The Quiet Ones" finds him playing a young man hired by a professor (Jared Harris) to document (on film) a bizarre psychological experiment on a young girl (Olivia Cooke), harboring one too many disturbing secrets.
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