Friday, April 18, 2014

Heeeeeeere's Johnny not exactly transcending comedy

LOS ANGLES -- There's really very little humor, if any, in "Transcendence," even though lead actor and, in the film, high-tech genius Johnny Depp infused a lot of during a recent conference to promote his latest movie.
It all started with the first question, "Did you feel a little like Max Headroom with those images (of yourself) on computer screens?"
"Yes, I did," Depp responded, "and I guess the worst part is that I liked it.
"I actually liked being in my little dark room, and (the other actors) were on the other side. We couldn’t find each other sometimes. It’s all done through videotape and sound."
Depp's Dr. Will Caster talks about his super computer in "Transcendence."
Then it got a littler weird.
 "I think this film is essentially about a man chosen by God," Depp continued. "He grew a long beard, grabbed a few insects, a couple of animals and knew the rest of the world will be slaughtered, but the animals will come to him and follow through."
Uh, and when first-time director Wally Pfister actually reminded his bona fide star that he somehow mixed up his latest with another little film called "Noah," Depp was quick with another quip: "That’s Noah? Oh No(ah)! Sorry, I was in that one as well. I played Russell Crowe. That beard was a bit too much, though."
Depp kept it coming after question two as well, when someone asked him about seemingly aging backwards after his character's brain was uploaded into a computer.
"Oh, that’s the 'Benjamin Button' movie. I was in that one, too -- as Brad Pitt."
And, when the same questioner pressed on about the benefits of artificial intelligence, Depp answered, "Well, having no intelligence myself, I look forward to gaining something, whether it be superficial, artificial or super-duper."
After a few minor quips while others in the cast and crew handled an assortment of queries, Depp came back with one final volley when everyone was asked to comment about working with an award-winning cinematographer now making his debut as a director.,
The busy actor's attention obviously was drifting when the moderator called, "Mr. Depp?"
Feigning real surprise, the actor blinked a couple of times and said, "Hey, is my father here?" Then came one final one-liner to bring down the house before, like everyone else, singing the praises of Pfister. "For a moment there," Depp said, "I thought I was in an intervention."
"Transcendence" opens today.

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