Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Going the (dirty) Distance" of love

One of the ree-ly real things about the R-rated "Going the Distance," now opeing Sept. 3 and starring Drew Barrymore and Justin Long as lovers trying to keep their bi-coastal relationship intact, is the adult language their characters use.
They do it in person, too. Take, for instance. this recent press conference-based discussion between Long and Barrymore about their on-film phone-sex discussion in which the latter mentioned something about getting off on Mark Wahlberg. It started with an innocent enough question about whether the scene was scripted. (Or not.)

Drew: I think the 'Marky Mark' (mention) was written for sure and I was so excited to hit that. I really wanted to hit that hard.
Justin: I think you told him that, do you remember that?
Drew: Oh, my God, I did tell him that. I ran into him at an awards show and I said, 'I just talked about hot you are and your underwear and (effing) sexy ...'

Justin: And I think it didn't go over great.
Drew It didn't, no.

Justin: In his defense, it is a strange thing to come up and say. I don't think that he was prepared for it, but I think he was flattered.
Drew: Who would not be excited about that? And he's a very nice guy. I've had other conversations with him that went much better than that. Nothing against him, for sure. That was a great scene written, and I was really excited to go out there and try it because I just thought that this was one of those scenes that's going to fail miserably and be a really gross and upsetting moment or that it could be fun and exciting. It was just one of those scenes that you have to kind of go for it, not knowing whether it's going to work or not, but don't compromise along the way.

The acting and, uh, compatible twosome added that the scene in question took place with each of them actually tradinglines on the phone -- only from separate sound stages.
"And we were comparing who had the more awkward experience, like, me as a guy in a room full of men simulating masturbation or Drew," Long explained. "I said, 'Well, you know, all the crew guys in my room were trying to make jokes to keep it light.'
"They were making sex jokes and I said, 'So it made it kind of more awkward, like I had to kind of laugh and then get into this weird sexual mode,' but I think that Drew had it even more awkward because she said that everyone in the room was being stone cold silent and respectful and it made it just that much weirder for her. Like, they were turning around and whispering.
"But then," Long concluded. "(Director) Nanette Burstein kept coming over to me and describing cinematically how to masturbate, you know, how it would look better.

"She was like, 'Try a little bit more up like this.' I was like, 'Nanette, I think I know how to masturbate. I've had a lot of experience.'"

Read more of Barrymore and Long's he-said, she-said gabfest right now at Sun News and ReelRave, then look for my review of "Going the Distance" on Sept. 2. My first glimpse at September's 35h annual Toronto International Film Festival will be ready to peruse by then, too.


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