Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stewart talks about being Bell(a) the ball

So what's a girl to do when she's starring in one of the all-time hottest film franchises ever and her character has to choose between a pair of teen idols to boot?
Apparently, just soak it all in and keep your head on straight, which is what young Kristen Stewart is doing while playing high-schooler Bella Swan for a third time in "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse."

"This is a really unique situation," Stewart understated during a recent press gathering. "I get to play her for a really long time, and that's also a serious indulgence and something that's really lucky.
"Usually I feel really sad when I lose a character at the end of a short shoot, which is typically six weeks on a small movie and what I'm used to," Stewart went on. "Still, even if it's obviously the one role that's put me in this sort of epic position, it's just another movie and I think it doesn't matter if you're doing a studio movie or an independent movie. When you get to set and you're doing a scene it's always going to be the same job. I really don't think about my career in terms of planning it out and what this does for me. This was a part that I just really wanted to play and, luckily, I got to do it for a really long time."
And what about choosing between that romantic vampire kid (Robert Pattinson with Stewart above) and the muscular werewolf guy (Taylor Lautner with her below)?
"Yeah, there's definitely the conflict in that (Bella's) pushed to the point where the decision needs to made in this one," Stewart said. "She does that in each movie and what's cool is that things change and as certain as she is sometimes -- and as absolutely gung-ho and young and courageous and brave as she is -- she's also willing to take a step back and go, 'OK, I'm going to reconsider my options and reconsider how I'm treating everybody.'

"She acknowledges that she's being a little bit selfish." Stewart concluded.

Finally, was she really sleeping during that "Eclipse" tent scene when Bella was caught between protectors Edward and Jacob.
"It was so hot in that sleeping bag, literally, and then the takes were so long," Stewart recalled with a forced smile. "That scene is eternal and I have nothing really to do in it, especially when we shot it. We got close-ups on two guys and we do mine, and it's completely separate and they run the lines a little bit, but I was playing halfway between being asleep and hearing bits.
"I couldn't get my head around hearing that conversation because she's really not supposed to. David (Slade, the director) was like, 'Let it slip in. Hear a little bit and then fall back asleep.' As soon as I'd hear any of that I'd be like, 'Bing! What?'

"So that was difficult, but I just remember it being hot and in terms of being between those two guys, I'm always between those two guys," Stewart said with a laugh. "I do think it's really funny that Taylor always has to take his shirt off. "
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