Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stray becomes a winner with "The Losers"

Columbus Short is "Pooch" as one of the "The Losers" (in honor of the doggy head bobbing up and down on the dashboards of all the vehicles his character drives), but it apppears that Jeffrey Dean Morgan might be the real pet lover in the wild and wooly bunch.
Morgan, who plays leader-of-the-pack Clay in the action-packed film, is the "loser" who actually brought home a dog the cast and crew found running a little too fancy-free.
"I adopted a little pup that came wandering out of the jungle one night on set in Puerto Rico and promptly got hit by a car," Morgan explains. "We all kind of took care of him for awhile, but he is with me, so I do have a little piece of 'The Losers' and Puerto Rico with me at all times now.
"He's a really cute and awesome stray mutt named Bandito, which has been shortened to Bandit since I have to scream at him all the time."
"It's the cutest thing," claims Zoe Saldana (Aisha). "He has this one blue and one brown eye, and he was really shy at first. He had the little broken leg when he came back from the hospital. And, he would just come and limp into the trailer and everybody -- the crew, just everybody -- would just come and go see Bandito in Jeffrey's trailer.
"By the end of the summer," Saldana concludes, "man, Bandito was like this wolf, going like, 'Rrr, rrr, rrr.' And, running all over the set like, 'I'm rich, bitch!' So, Bandito knows that he won the lottery. Trust me."

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