Thursday, April 15, 2010

Morgan even makes us laugh at "Death"

It's hard to upstage a roster that includes Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock and Zoe Saldana, but funnyman Tracy Morgan managed just that during a Sunday press conference to promote this Friday's opening of "Death at a Funeral."
In interrupting co-star James Marsden, who was calmly and shyly discussing his nudity in the film (from an accidental dose of hallucinogens), Morgan started with, "But you're built like an Adonis up there, man!
"Not this good, though," the "30 Rock" comic continued, then standing to pull up his shirt and patting on his round beer belly. "This is a mating call right here. I start slapping on this and they all come running."
After the gales of laughter subsided, Morgan turned as serious as it might get for someone who plays a character forced to deal with a diarrhea-stricken old man (Danny Glover) and a gay little person (Peter Dinklage).
"For me, this whole panel is like a dream team," Morgan said. "These are my champions right here. When I'm with Martin and Chris, it's like I got my shirt. I'm on the team. I'm with Barkely and Jordan.
"I mean, I might not start; I might not never play. But I got my shirt. Part of my inspiration from the gate was Chris and Martin, so actually getting here and sharing space with these guys in a movie is for real now."
Naturally, while he was on a basketball-like riff, Morgan couldn't resist going off on grumpy co-star Uncle Russell (Glover, who was not at the press confab).
"In the movie, they made Danny Glover (left) look like an old power forward," Morgan said. "From Milwaukee or somethin'. That had just fouled out, with his knees wrapped up. With the old short shorts on. And, when he goes up for a rebound, half his ass cheek is exploding out and his scrotum is stickin' out the bottom.'
I won't even attempt to describe Morgan's description of Russell/Glover's diarrhea moments. Just use your imagination.
More on "Death at a Funeral," including some funny words from producer/star Chris Rock, as well as my review, should be up right now at Sun News. That's where you also can find my review of "The Joneses."

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