Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Movies get "Easier" for "Hurt Locker" star

While "The Hurt Locker" continues to grab hardware on its march toward Academy Awards night, one of its main players finally has another film to show for his efforts.
Brian Geraghty, a supporting actor in movies such as "Bobby" and "We Are Marshall," actually carries "Easier With Practice" as a short-story writer obsessed with talking sex on his cell to the silky-voiced Nicole. Hey, maybe she'll even actually be the love of his life someday.
Seriously, it's not as bizarre as it sounds, and the twist ending becomes a moving little episode in human relationships, too.
"As soon as I met Brian (above front with co-star Kel O'Neill) I knew he’d be right," writer-director Kyle Patrick Alvarex said in an Alt Film Guide interview. "It was just a gut instinct. I’d really liked his performance in 'Jarhead,' and he just has this great knack for playing sincere and likable characters. I could’ve never known how committed and amazing he would be to work with. I can’t imagine this film without him."
Alvarez later mentioned how Geraghty was able to bare it all -- "figuratively speaking" -- to throw off his character's mostly shy shell to really, uh, get into the provocative phone talk.
"I think, since it was always there in the script, any actor would’ve had to be prepared for it," Alvarez concluded. "Funny enough, (the first telephone call) was the scene Brian and I talked the least about, probably just out of general uncomfortability. We never rehearsed it. He told me he was OK and set with it, so I trusted him. We shot it in our third week, so I think we were all pretty comfortable with each other, which helped, but there’s no way around it: it can be really uncomfortable."
The little indie film opens Friday in Los Angeles and New York and likely will expand as and if business dictates.
Meanwhile, "The White Ribbon" Oscar-nominated for Best Foreign Language Film, opens in Cleveland this week. Read my review now at Sun News.

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