Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just ask Julia for help on "Valentine's Day"

Julia Roberts plays a soldier in "Valentine's Day" but may have established a career as a real-life Cupid during a recent press conference to promote the Garry Marshall film.
One foreign-born print journo started the ball rolling by asking: "Julia, I'm the same age as you and Valentine's Day is coming up. . ."
"Yeah 35; make it look good," Roberts interrupted with an age joke (she's really 42) before the question continued:
"My boyfriend keeps saying I'm a bad planner. Could you give me a tip? How can I make him make me happy on Valentine's Day?"
"Wow! This is, uh, yeah, can we at least dim the lights?" the surprised Roberts began. "OK, wait a minute. Are you asking me how to cook something, or, uh. . .
"Well, let's start with this. How long have you been together? Really, let's break it down. How long have you been with your boyfriend?"
"Two years."
"And," Roberts continued, "you have sex with him?"
"Off the record?" the seemingly unflustered questioner responded.
"Well, let's just talk to your (fellow writer) friends about that," Roberts said. "I can't help you now. You're the one that brought it up. You opened Pandora's Box, Pandora. Now, you want him to make you happy? Where's the problem? Because we can fix this."
The woman repeated: "He keeps saying that I'm a bad planner."
"Oh yeah, you're a bad planner. OK then. He's a little different," Roberts said. "Well, you know what? Make a nice dinner reservation. Now. Because that's the biggest night out of the year.
"And that comes from someone who's the former hostess at Fryman's Seafood Bar and Grill. Seriously, make a nice dinner reservation and have a nice glass of wine and then go home and, you know, take your top off.
"I think it's a recipe for success," Roberts concluded. "Wouldn't you agree, Bradley Cooper?"
"Absolutely," quickly added Cooper, one of many other co-stars watching and listening to Roberts' advice to the lovelorn. "And then your bottom."
Later on, Roberts suggested that love truly might be addictive:
"It is a drug, isn't it? Love and that feeling, what it does to make us all tingly inside and crazy. Right? It's a drug. So yeah, find that pusher that makes it work."

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