Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dear John: Don't wait for Amanda to write

Despite the story in the Nicolas Sparks-based "Dear John," young starlet Amanda Seyfried admits that she does not write many letters to her own faraway love these days.
"No, we don't write each other much, but we Skyped about 20 minutes ago," Seyfried said during a recent Sunday morning sitdown at the L.A. Four Seasons. "Really, it's funny. I think this movie might prompt a comeback in letter-writing. And it is a very romantic effort."
Of course, the skyped face on Amanda's computer belongs to Brit Dominic Cooper, her co-star in "Mamma Mia!"
"It's OK (to talk about it)," she says with a broad and pretty smile. "We started an overseas relationship about a year ago. I am in London a lot, but it's also why (living in) New York is so much easier (than Los Angeles).
"It's nice to be closer, even though it's still a long flight. Eleven hours is so much different than seven."
Meanwhile, Seyfried's "Dear John" buddy, Channing Tatum, is -- since last July 11 --enjoying married life with Jenna Dewan, the dancer/actress he met on "Step Up."
"There was definitely (something there)," Tatum recalls. "We knew something.
"I just had gotten out of a three-year relationship and I was not in any way, shape or form ready to get into another one. Now, here we are. Four and a half/five years later, we're married."
For more about "Dear John," including my review, check out Thursday's Sun News, where you'll also find my review of "The Maid."

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