Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It took two to keep "Amelia" airborne

You expect a biography of Amelia Earhart to take flight, for sure, but there’s more of a grounding by design in the story to “Amelia” being told on screens nationwide.
“It’s a challenge for all of us to keep our relationships as strong as they can be while at the same time indulging the passion to achieve what you want from life,” director Mira Nair (“Monsoon Wedding,” “Salaam Bombay!”) tells correspondent Stan Urankar. “As much as this is a real adventure, a real journey of someone who wants to step into the cockpit and fly around the world, it’s also about Amelia negotiating her life and her love.”
That would specifically be with George P. Putnam, the publicist and soon-to-be book publisher who met Earhart in 1928, when recruiting her to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. When they wed three years later, it was with the understanding, in Earhart’s words, that they enter into a “partnership – one clearly with dual control.”
“George Putnam marketed Amelia better than anyone could have,” acknowledges two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank, who plays Earhart to Richard Gere’s Putnam. “She was one of the first celebrities seriously to become involved with endorsing products and giving lectures.
“But, that was an integral part of her union with George,” Swank adds. “He would handle the promotional end, the business end, while Amelia would do what was necessary with the personal appearances. Ultimately, they found love through all of those things working to ensure she could continue to fly for the rest of her life.”

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