Thursday, July 9, 2009

“Whatever Works”: ‘Blood,’ Broadway next for Wood

Evan Rachel Wood, currently knocking ‘em dead as Southern ingénue to the Woody Allen/Larry David dirty ol’ man of the film, “Whatever Works,” has two more mediums to conquer.
The radiant 21-year-old appears imminently on the small screen in HBO’s effectively lurid “True Blood,” and then on stage in the potentially huge Broadway adaptation of “Spider-Man,” of all things.
“I'm doing a few episodes of ‘True Blood,’ playing a vampire queen, and I do love me some vampires,” Wood said during a round of interviews for her new Woody movie. ”Everything comes and goes in waves. But vampires, there's always a craze somehow. I've been waiting to play a vampire since I was 5. It's romantic.
“Then I'm playing Mary Jane (Watson) in ‘Spider-Man’ on Broadway (opposite a still unnamed webbed hero.) “That should be up and running in February.” said Wood, who wouldn’t or couldn’t expound. (The musical, co-written and directed by Tony winner Julie Taymor and featuring songs from U2’s Bono and The Edge, will co-star Alan Cumming as the Green Goblin/Norman Osborn.)
As for working with both her aging, four-eyed director and his similarly inclined alter ego on the big screen, Wood was less elusive.
Larry David is just such an unlikable person,” she said with a chuckle “We simply got together and rehearsed. We made each other laugh and it was fun.
“'It’s innocent and sweet. I didn't think it was quite Lolita-esque, but I always compare it to ‘Harold and Maude’ more than anything. And, even that was more romantic. When else would I have a chance to be married to Larry David? So, it was cool. I enjoyed it.”
And the iconic Mr. Allen?
“It's unpredictable,” Wood concluded. “If he gets it in one take, it's done. If it's not, (the scene in the museum) was three takes. We were so sick (of it). My Southern accent's coming back just talking about it.

“My favorite comment from Woody was, ‘That was actually a lot funnier than I thought it was going to be.’ "

A current review of “Whatever Works” is up now at Sun News where you can look for my reviews of “Moon” and “Food, Inc,” too.

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