Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cooper helps drive "Hangover" madness

So Bradley Cooper – who only seems to have been in every film comedy ever made since his nice-guy role on TV’s “Alias” – has a new gig.
After playing the cad in “He’s Just Not That Into You” and Jim Carrey’s best friend in”Yes Man,” the 34–year-old actor is the closest thing to a lead in “The Hangover,” easily the funniest movie of his recent three.

“I play Phil, who's an English school teacher for boys, and he's also a father,” Cooper explained during an interview in Las Vegas (which serves as the perfect backdrop for one wild and c-cr-crazy bachelor party). “He's kind of the guy who's bark is a lot bigger than his bite.
“He talks a big game, going to Vegas and saying that he's going to get nuts. He loves sort of reliving whatever it is that he doesn't have in his home life. It's like a lot of fathers who talk a big game, but who really love their family and are actually good guys.
“He's sort of the problem-solver," added Cooper (pictured above between party mates Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms). "There's nothing that he can't solve, so he tries to hold it all together, even when there's nothing to hold together.”
Cooper/Phil certainly has a lot of solving to do to determine what caused the disappearance of his buddy/groom (Justin Bartha).

Of course, the cool Cooper also played a bit off the set, but seemed legitimately embarrassed when discussing the antics of Cirque du Soleil members who called him up on stage only to disrobe him during one of their Las Vegas “Zumanity” exhibitions.
“That was a thing that (director) Todd Phillips and (co-star) Heather Graham and I did," Cooper said. "It was a day we had off and, on our way there, I actually told them, 'I hate going to places where they call people up from the audience.'

I even said to Heather: 'This isn't the show where they do that, right?' "
She said, 'No, no. It's fine.' Of course, they called me up at the end of the show.”

Apparently, Heather lied, and so the shirt-stripping and -- even some groping -- began.
To learn more about Graham's part in the film and to read my review of “The Hangover,” check out Thursday’s Sun News, where you can also find my take on “Summer Hours.”

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