Thursday, May 14, 2009

Next book of Brown could hook Hanks, Howard -- again

Somehow it makes sense that “Angels & Demons” is not even in movie theaters yet and already people are asking if Tom Hanks and director Ron Howard will collaborate on a third film version of a Dan Brown book that it is not even written yet.
“ ‘Angels’ is literally a ticking bomb story with a clash between cutting-edge science and religion; (symbologist) Robert Langdon is really in much more personal and direct jeopardy in this story, and I really love what Tom Hanks is doing with the movie version of Langdon here and (in) 'The Da Vinci Code',” Howard recently told press in Rome. “These things are really enticing to me. That’s why, with the rest of the world. I’m dying to read (Dan Brown’s) next book.
“Dan is a great guy and we’ve become very good friends but, man, does he play his cards close to his vest,” Howard went on. “I honestly don’t know anything more about (his next book) than anyone who’s been on the Internet knows. All that said, I’ve had two really interesting life experiences and fascinating creative challenges making 'Angels and Demons' and 'The Da Vinci Code,' so although I can’t confirm a thing, I’m certainly open to anything.”
Hanks had a much funnier answer when asked, during a press conference, if he would be interested in playing Langdon again. “Yeah, sure, you bet, absolutely,” he said, “but there have been no talks about it whatsoever.
"I do know, however, that the words 'the,' 'cat' and 'boogeyman' do appear in the next Dan Brown book. I give you that as a little bit of contraband that has leaked. But please, please, please, can it take place in the Bahamas, please?
“Can the first scene be Robert Langdon relaxes on a hammock underneath a swaying palm tree?" concluded Hanks. "Can that please be the first scene of the third Robert Langdon book? I'm hoping it's called 'The Red Stripe Beer Conspiracy' “
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