Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Observe and Report that Seth, Anna do the right thing (at least off screen)

Fans lining up along Sunset Boulevard to see the stars of "Observe and Report" were not disappointed when both Seth Rogen and Anna Faris went well out of their way to sign autographs and/or shake some hands.
Both took the long sidewalk stroll in front of Falcon, which housed the film's after-premiere party Monday night, perhaps to show they're not really at all like the people they play in their sometimes hilarious and always bizarre film.
"When there was interest or when I was up for this role, I was really excited and thrilled because it's a character who really makes no apologies," Faris said in an earlier interview. "I think that, especially in comedy, you're always trying to walk the line of being funny and also pleasing your audience and trying to get the audience to think that you're charming. In this movie, we don't have that burden and it's very liberating."
Added Rogen: "I don't care if people watch it and think, 'That's the worst thing that anyone's ever done' -- as long they think also that this guy took one small step in the right direction. That's all I need. "
Rogen plays a fascist mall cop and Faris the floozy cosmetic girl who becomes his damsel in distress (from a deranged flasher). Naturally, it all comes from the "unapologetic" mind of writer/director Jody Hill who previously gave us "The Foot Fist Way" and, more recently, "Eastbound & Down" on HBO. Maybe it's something that only a drunken mom (the totally outrageous Celia Weston) can really love.
For a more realistically dark (read: substantial) film, see my review of "Gomorrah" in the Sun News.

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