Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Love You, Man, but mostly that Jones girl

Rashida Jones thrilled adoring, screaming fans when she walked the red carpet outside a Westwood movie theater for the official premiere of her first big film, the raucously funny "I Love, You Man."

The feeling here, though, is they and we still haven't seen anything yet from the lovely Miss Jones, former scene-stealer on TV's "The Office," co-star of NBC's upcoming "Parks and Recreation," and Harvard-grad daughter of music impresario Quincy Jones and original "Mod Squad" actress Peggy Lipton.
Even Lipton herself was on hand Tuesday night to watch her 33-year-old kid flawlessly perform as the mostly understanding fiancee between brilliant bromancers Paul Rudd and Jason Segel in the latest big screen comedy from director/co-writer John Hamburg ("Along Came Polly").

During an earlier interview, Jones called it "really fun" to play the straight woman. "It's such a good position to be in because you get to be the audience for craziness. You just get to absorb everyone else's hilarity. It's a really nice position to be in. It's sometimes difficult to not crack up and ruin takes."
Likely expect more of the same as she plays for more laughs opposite Amy Poehler when "Parks" shows up at 8:30 each Thursday night, beginning April 9.
"(Like 'The Office'), it is documentary style, but the people, the documentary crew, come to it in a different way," Jones explained. "You kind of don't know on 'The Office' who the crew is and you start to understand that there's kind of two crews in our show.
"One is sort of following me. I'm the concerned citizen whose boyfriend has hurt himself falling into this huge pit in front of our house. He broke his legs and I want something to be done about it because it's in front of my house and it's horrible and people are getting hurt. Amy plays the Deputy Head of Parks and Recreation and she's sort of been followed about a documentary on local government.
"Our characters come together and become friends."

Until then, all those rabid Jones followers can catch her on the big screen when "I Love You, Man" opens Friday. Read the review now at Sun News.

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