Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Busy Barrymore gets into producing romantic comedy

Drew Barrymore's new movie, "He's Just Not That Into You," has her doing double duty as one of nine romantic leads and producing with Flower Films partner Nancy Juvonen.
The latter chore, in fact, has the talented actress playing perhaps the featured role with the least screen time, even though she comes closest to being the pivotal Gigi (Ginnifer Goodwin), at least according to Juvenon.
"At the beginning we had this interesting hill to climb on which everyone was asking, 'Why isn't Drew playing Gigi?' " says Juvonen, the very attractive real-life wife of Jimmy Fallon. "Not that she's too old, but we kept explaining that Drew was too knowing and we needed that naivete of someone who wasn't beaten down from the process of pursuing love but was totally a fresh start every single day, which actually is still Drew but that's a whole other story."
"Drew was the first person cast and was eager to participate but not in a big role," adds director Ken Kwapis. "I think what she loved about her role as Mary is that she wasn't the ingenue or leading lady, but it sort of allowed her to do a character and one with a lot of comic potential as well."
For her part, the always positive Barrymore seems pleased with the finished product. "I love this movie and what Nan has done and what Ken has done with the performances and the reality of it all," she says. "I relate to my character in that I just don't know how to gauge technology and love or dating or anything really. It's hard. You can misunderstand. It's not enough. You're expected to respond (to text and e-messaging) on the spot. It's just hard. I prefer if someone has something to say that they do it to my face."
To read more of what Barrymore and five of her co-stars have to say, check out Sun News online, where you can also read my review of their movie as well as my take on "The Pink Panther 2."

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