Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stalking fame isn't always safe

Oscar-winning “Dreamgirl” Jennifer Hudson has a legitimate second consecutive movie hit, now that “Sex and the City” has eased well over the magic $100-milllion box office mark.
Still, the always on the go girl might be a little leery about her June 24 appearance as a presenter at the 2008 BET Awards.
That’s because – now it can be told – Hudson received a death threat after last year’s BET appearance, where she won the cable network’s Best Actress award for “Dreamgirls.”
“I was performing in Atlanta a few months ago,” Hudson said during a recent “Sex and the City” interview, “and there was this girl who said that she was going to shoot me in my live show when she saw me.
“That was creepy. It was on MySpace. She wrote it in like her blog or something and it was all because she was a fan, but she didn’t want to be a fan anymore because, when I won my BET award, I didn’t thank her.
“ ‘I don’t even know you to thank you, girl,’ but she decided that that’s what she would put out there. I was terrified, of course, but they had pictures (of the girl) posted and just kept their eyes open in case she showed up.
“See, that’s scary. That’s the dark side (of fame),” Hudson said. “Fortunately, one of my friends found it on MySpace and I do keep in contact with selective fans and stuff who will keep you posted on, like, what’s going on and being said. I try to be smart about it and still keep my distance and stuff like that, but I am a friendly person.”
When I reminded her that “fan" always was and always will be a short form of the word fanatic, Hudson seemed legitimately surprised.
“Well, you taught me a lesson today, John,” she said. “I won’t ever forget that now.”
Naturally, the 26-year-old former “American Idol” diva doesn’t need any advice from me – especially not with her “Spotlight” single out now and a self-titled debut album and two more movies (“Winged Creatures” and “The Secret Life of Bees”) coming out this fall.
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